Caring for Japanese Gemstones

Japan is a country known for exquisite quality. This otherwise proves that their products are to be taken care of with extreme caution. When it comes with jewelries, Japanese have products that are all natural and therefore expensive to be put in a stressful manner. In this article, you would have the idea on how to care for Japanese gemstones even without lavishly spending a single yen.

Japanese treasure their heirloom. That’s why it is clear that their love for jewelry is shown through gatherings and special occasions.

There are different ways to care for a gemstone. Here are some of the general options however the scale in terms of hardness is.

1. Do not put your Japanese gemstones with other gemstones. Have them separated. If possible, separate every gem that differs from composition to avoid scratches. To do this, provide boxes and label them. Or if not, wrap them in pieces of cloths to store them individually. If you love diamond and pearls, might as well do what is said because pearls are very sensitive and can be easily scratched especially with a diamond.

2. Keep them away from extreme pressure, temperature and sunlight. There are gemstones that are only meant to worn at night. There are also Japanese gems that can be worn at any time of the day. So know the class and characteristic of your jewelries.

3. Avoid applying sharp pressures like blows and chemicals that are harsh enough to destroy the credibility of your gem. Some gems are really brittle that even when light pressure is applied, it breaks into pieces.

4. Do not forget to remove your jewelries encrypted with fine gemstones to avoid scratch marks. If it’s too valuable to remove, try wearing gloves especially when gardening. Long hours dipped in water can also damage parts of your unprotected stones. Remove your rings if cleaning, it might slip right through your fingers while cleaning the bathroom.

5. Only put your jewelry after applying makeup, hair spray or cosmetics or even after brushing your hair and blow drying it. Chemicals are a no-no. They can’t be worn while you do your hair spray because chemicals can harm the physical qualities of certain sensitive jewels. Earrings can be slashed out of your ears when you accidentally brush it.

6. Before joining in athletic activities, take off your jewelries and make sure that you hide it somewhere safe that no one can take it. If your favorite sport is swimming, rather not wear any jewels with while doing the activity for chlorine contributes much on the stone’s integrity. Their settings might get loose or eventually fall out.

7. Beaded gemstones must not be stored in knots and must always maintain a flat stretch.

8. Always apply a gentle touch on your gems. If you’re mad or irritated, don’t take it on them to endure the blame. You might regret it when you’re anger is washed away. Do not tug. Never toss the pieces so carelessly for they might loosen their settings and end up being wind up and therefore scratching each other.

9. Immediately keep your jewels after use. Put them in some place where you could easily locate them. Do this especially for the benefit of the smaller gems.

10. To clean your gems, it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals. Just use clean, cloth or cotton balls to polish and clean your pieces. Some Japanese gems only require lukewarm water for cleaning.