Daily Battle Against Adult Acne

The prevalence of acne and pimples is generally thought to be problems of the teenage and prepubescent strata of the population, but it is not unusual to see minor cases of adult acne.

And this is normally the situation faced by many adults who scaled through their teenage period without any visible sign of acne that plagued their mates, only to discover to discover that they have been afflicted by adult acne at a stage in they assumed they are free from acne foe ever.

For these set of people, the embarrassment and confusion that results from this is better left unsaid, and the recurring question they keep asking themselves is isn’t acne supposed to be an adolescent problem.

Established facts however points otherwise, adult acne is more common than what people imagined. Statistics show that nearly 40% of acne medications in America are bought and used by a class we thought are free from the condition- adults.

There are several reasons why acne occurs, and the most common one many associated as the primary reason- poor hygiene- is nothing but a myth. The main causative agent for almost all acne, and that includes adult acne is as a result of hormonal imbalances or blockages of pores on the skin.

Though an additional reason why adult acne occurs may be due to the oil of the sebaceous glands, or faulty closing of the hair ducts on the body, especially the face.

The good news however is that almost all cases of acne can be treated. This should serve as a soothing balm to most adults, who embarrassed by the onset of adult acne, use any medication they can lay their hands on at the local drug store.

This has been proved in several cases to worse the situation, because most of the medications were produced solely to combat acne in young people. Thus they may not have the ability to act on adult acne.

While there might be no significant difference in form and appearance between adult acne and the regular one, if you are afflicted with adult acne, a smart move will be to consult a dermatologist.

This skin physician will be able to explain what caused the adult acne in the first place. Once the diagnosis has been made, the physician can then suggest a prescription drug that can eliminate the condition permanently. But in reality, any adult that is afflicted by adult acne need not be embarrassed by the problem.

As stated earlier, the prevalence of adult acne is more common than imagined, so the best option still remain going to a dermatologist to eliminate the condition instead of resorting to self medication and spending a fortune in the process, nor forgetting the anxiety and fear that are sure to happen when you discover the onset signs of acne.