Fire Alarm Pull Stations

Fire alarm stations are most of the time located in the corridors of hospitals, schools or office buildings; they are usually mounted on the wall next to the fire exits. Majority of big buildings have these fire alarm stations equipped. These are placed there just in case you are walking in the corridors and you happen to notice a thick smoke or dangers coming from one of the rooms, then you will have a quick and convenient way to call for help. It helps if you don’t know the address or location of the building you are in or if you cannot get to a phone in time enough. So a surefire way of alerting the fire officials is by utilizing one of these fire stations. These stations are or should be located on every floor of the building; they are easy to use, simply pull on the activation handle.

The pull station is conveniently connected to the fire department will automatically be alerted of your location so that they can dispatch to your home with no hesitations. These days they have many different types of fire alarm pull stations. The most common ones are the stations with traditional pull down lever. The newer models offer many variations of the fire station and how to activate those push buttons, and voice activated phones. Nonetheless, however it is activated; the fire department is immediately notified so that help can be sent your way. Although they are very easy to use and an easy to set off accidentally, it is wise to take necessary precautions to prevent this from happening. Majority of the time you will see these fire alarms covered in a glass casing to prevent accidental activation.

They are also placed high enough so that they are out of reach of children that way they will have no opportunity to play with the levers and accidentally trigger. Now although these fire stations are connected to the fire department directly, it is still separate from the entire fire alarm system in the building. Therefore although you pull down the lever on the fire alarm station it will only alert the fire officials it will not set off the sirens or sirens in the building. So even if you pull these levers the building and its occupants are still in danger. A fire pull station that is operating properly is of dire importance when trying to create a fire safe environment. Other things that are vital to remember is that the maintenance, location and proper placement all play a big part in a properly operating pull station.

Most of the time these fire pull stations will be located where it is clearly accessible. No one should be incapable of noticing the fire pull stations upon every given quick scan around the room or corridor. If a fire alarm station is not in plain sight and easy accessibility of the individual who notices or falls upon the danger then the station is considered totally useless. It is also necessary that the fire stations be inspected regularly to check for any glitches or damaged parts. It is advised to have routine fire drills since they will give clear indication of the levers functionality as well as provide a survey of the individual reactions and reaction times Therefore if there are any defects with the machine or lever itself the repairs will be completed at the time of discovery.