Fly Fishing In Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with so many places where you can practice the “art” of fly fishing with some very satisfying results. Fly fishing in Canada can not only give you the experience of catching a diverse variety of fish, but it also gives you the beauty and scenery that can ease your stresses and make for a very satisfying fishing experience.

The northern reaches of Canada have exceptional fishing for pike, salmon, and legendary brook trout. With the exception of Lake Michigan, all the Great Lakes have a Canadian shore. Southwestern Ontario is surrounded by Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and Georgian Bay.

Rivers like the Saugeen, Maitland, Grand, Credit, and Nottawasaga would be famous if they flowed through U.S. soil, but they are relatively obscure because they are in an area not noted for its fly-fishing heritage. Local anglers are more apt to go north to chase walleye, pike, and bass in lakes despite the quality river fishing on their doorsteps.

There are intimate trout streams in this area of Canada with wild fish and top-notch tail waters with big, educated brown trout. Ontario’s smallmouth rivers equal any river bass fishery in the world, and there are dozens of rivers with steelhead and salmon runs that rival those in the United States.

An added incentive to fish this area is that you don’t have to travel far into the wilderness. Accommodations, restaurants, guides, tackle shops, and other entertainment options are abundant. Canadian currency is also weaker than the U.S., so your dollars stretch farther north of the border.

The Grand and the Conestogo rivers are two tail water fisheries in southern Ontario that offer excellent access to good populations of feisty brown trout. The Grand is designated a Canadian Heritage River and has seen an unbelievable transformation over the last 20 years.
Water quality improvements, top-notch management, beautiful scenery, and a solid stocking program have made it one of the top destinations for brown trout in the East. But be advised, its one thing to find a big fish feeding but quite another to consistently fool these old browns.

The management philosophy of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is to work toward strong wild fisheries. Therefore, a majority of the steelhead in Ontario is wild fish, and you will have your hands full trying to subdue them. Depending on water conditions, strong runs of fish are common throughout the fall in just about any Great Lakes tributary in southern Ontario.

You can find some amazing fly fishing in Canada when you take the time to look for it. Not only will you be met with some beautiful scenery, but you will be landing some great fish. Fly fishing in Canada is well worth the travel. Fish Canada and keep coming back for the best fly fishing experience of your life!