Four Precious Gemstones to Consider

Precious gemstones are dazzling and stunning. You can find them in different sizes, shapes, and colors. People usually wear gemstones according to their birth dates because they believe that the gemstones bring prosperity and happiness. Nowadays, gemstones are worn because of their beauty and significance.

Among the precious gemstones are diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Diamond is the king of all gemstones. This precious gemstone is now available in synthetic as well as imitation. It’s not easy to find diamonds because these are located in the great depths of the Earth. The beauty of diamonds is brought out depending on the cut.

If you want to purchase a genuine diamond, you have to consider the clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. These are the four C’s of diamond. You can also find diamond in fancy colors like green, blue, orange, and red. Fancies are also highly prized as they are rare.

Another gemstone is emerald. Ancient people love emerald because of its power to heal certain diseases and also for its beauty. Oftentimes, the gem has a mossy silk appearance. If you can find flawless emerald specimens, expect a very high price that can even be compared to that of diamonds. You can find green Brazilian varieties of emerald, spodumene varieties, and corundum varieties.

If you love red, you should get ruby. This gemstone is available in different shades such as ruby red, purplish red, pigeon blood, and rose red. The most highly prized ruby stone is the clear deeper shades. You can also get star rubies. Beware though that there are rubies being sold in the market that are not actually genuine rubies.

These are the balas ruby (spinel), bohemian ruby (rose quartz), Siberian ruby (pink or red tourmaline), Cape ruby, Montana, Rocky Mountain, and American ruby (these are garnet varieties). If you happen to visit Myanmar, this is the best place to get a genuine ruby because this is the place where most rubies are mined. You can also get rubies in Afghanistan, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Soviet republics, and China.

Sapphire is another precious gemstone. Sapphire is the blue variety while ruby is the red variety of corundum. Genuine sapphire is deep blue in color (Kashmir blue). You can also find white sapphire, golden or yellow sapphire (oriental topaz), and pink sapphire. You can find many deposits of sapphire in Sri Lanka but you can also find them in the mines of China, Ural Mountains, Afghanistan, India, Australia, Soviet Union, and Thailand. In the US, deposits can be found in Montana (Helena) and North Carolina (Macon County).

Diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire are truly popular all over the world. Because of today’s advanced technologies, you can find imitations and synthetic versions of these precious gemstones. If you want to get a good deal when purchasing these precious gemstones, you have to shop extensively. You have to invest time and money to make sure that you get a good quality gemstone.

If you want, you ca also follow your birth month. Diamond is the birthstone for April, May is emerald, July is ruby, and September is sapphire. So which month were you born?

Find suitable precious gemstone jewelry now and show them to your friends and loved ones. If you want to add extra happiness into your life, get the appropriate gemstone.