Gemstones and the Birthstones for Each Month

Regardless if you’re male or female, birthstones are often worn as jewelries even during the ancient times. However, the gemstones of today are much more colorful, beautiful, and rare. Usually, the gemstones are set in a metallic background for ornamentation. Gemstones can be semi precious or precious. You can find some useful information about gemstones and birthstones for each month in this article.

For the month of January, the zodiac sign is Capricorn and the birthstone is Garnet. It is available in a variety of colors except blue. If you were born in January, you should get a garnet jewelry as an addition to your get up.

February is considered as the love month. The zodiac sign is Aquarius and the birthstone is amethyst. The color of this gemstone is purple and it originated from the myths of the Greeks. Amethyst is said to be of quartz variety and the expensive stones are much darker in color. The lavender shades of amethyst or the smoky light shades are cheaper.

Pisces if the zodiac sign for the month of March and the birthstone is aquamarine. By wearing an aquamarine jewelry, you can be endowed with happiness, courage, and foresight. It can promote your youthful glow and increase your intelligence. Ancient people believed that the stone can be used to reduce poison effects and it can also treat anxieties.

Diamond is the birthstone for April. It was only in the 500 BC when diamond was discovered. Adamas is a Greek word wherein the word ‘diamond’ is derived. It means unconquerable. This stone is very unique because it reflects light and is the hardest ever known substance on earth. It is also composed of only one element and therefore it is considered the purest.

Emerald is May’s birthstone. For Gemini people, emerald is a talismanic stone and for the Taurus people, it is a planetary stone. You can find this gemstone even in the ancient tables of birthstone.

In the month of June, pearl is the birthstone. For many years, the pearl necklace is the best piece of jewelry for brides. Many people believed that by wearing pearl necklace during the wedding will help prevent women from crying and uphold marital bliss. The knights of long ago also gave pearls as gifts to their beloved.

Ruby is July’s birthstone. By wearing a ruby jewelry, you can be endowed with good health, happiness, wisdom, and good luck.

The birthstone of August is peridot. This is a volcanic gem and it available in yellow green shades.

Sapphire is for September and for October is opal. Sapphire is a great gift to give especially on 65th wedding anniversaries. Opal is available in two types, the common and the precious opal stones.

Topaz and citrine are the birthstones for November. You can find topaz in different colors such as red, brown, pink, orange, yellow, sherry, and colorless. You have different choices when it comes to the color of you November birthstone.

Tanzanite is December’s birthstone. Others say that turquoise is the birthstone but tanzanite is now the official stone of December according to the American Gem Trade Association.

So there you have it, the twelve gemstones and birthstones for each month. Know your birthstone and get the appropriate piece of jewelry that will suit your zodiac sign and gemstone.