Gemstones Made for Jewels

Gemstones have this specific characteristic of being able to shine on their own. A beauty of best quality. Some of the rarest and finest gemstones are polished and made into jewelries that are expensive enough to buy an entire house. Some of these jewels are designed by trademark manufacturers, others are personalized for the customer’s desire. Either way, the most popular gemstones made into jewels are widely accepted.

The good thing about gemstones is that they are abundant enough to be produced from different ideas. From rings to earrings, necklaces to bracelets. Sometimes they are made into pendants. People, especially women, are very specific with their jewels. They want it made from the finest most intricate design man can ever make.

Gemstones mix with precious metals like silver, bronze and gold that make them more attractive than being just a simple stone. They are fabricated and molded to blend with the metals that result to beautiful jewelries. Not to mention, you can also combine gemstones with different gemstones. For example, a ring made out of gold can be embedded with pieces of diamond on the side and a shiny ruby as its main stone. That would probably cost thousands of dollars.

So you ask, what are jewelries for?

Two words. Investment and accessory. Sometimes you would wonder why in the world women crave for these small priceless wonders? This is because as time goes by, these stones become scarce. And when that moment comes when these stones become extinct, those who have in possession of things like this can gather a million just by selling it. In terms of accessorizing, a gown or beautiful dress wouldn’t shine without jewelries. They add brilliance to the person wearing it.

Stores and internet shops provide distinct array. You can design the jewelry of your own. Match them with the color of your choice and the birthstones of those you love. You could also shop basing on the gem of your choice, by birthday, or by color.

Here are lists of gemstones that are fascinating enough to be carved into jewels.

1. Alexandrite – this stone is artificially made for reducing its high cost. One specific characteristic is that this kind of gemstone has no definite color. Some are colored green at the flash of sunlight and changes to red when artificial light strikes it. The thickness contributes to the change in color. Be careful in the purchase of these stones for they are sensitive to light.

2. Amber – the color of this gemstone ranges from yellow to brown. In scientific sense, amber came from pine tree sap that is hardened and fossilized. Organic as it may seem, amber can be polished and be made into gemstones that are affordable in an unusual way.

3. Cat’s eye – based on its name, this stone looks like the thin slit of the cat’s pupil. The slits are caused by the light’s reflection that forms in parallel angles gliding through the surface of the stone. This comes in gray, white, and yellow.

4. Jade – Once used as currency, jade’s popularity came from the Chinese who believed that this stone is used for good luck that’s why they incorporated this with different kinds of jewelries. Jade is durable enough to be worn daily.

5. Topaz – known for its bright shade of blue color, this is also the birthstone of those born in the month of December. But not all topaz is blue in color. They come in shades of pink and yellow. It has been popular because of its affordability and strength.