Gemstones Shaped for the Heart

Gemstones aren’t made just for the purpose of fashion. It’s so much more than that. It’s an investment with sentimental value. Given or bought for the ones you adore. A ring is not just an ornamental thing of beauty but also an undying confession of a loving couple’s union.

To give someone a gemstone that is shaped like a heart, it would mean two things: that you are giving your heart to that person and as crystals are forever, so is your affection.

But before kneeling down the red carpet and saying “will you…” there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. Choosing heart shaped jewelry requires more than liking it. You must have certain categories to identify a gem that would definitely last a lifetime.

To evaluate a heat shaped gem, you must see to it that the angles and sides must go in proportion. Achieving an ideal heart shaped cut, it must exhibit concave and convex effect.

According to several findings, the ideal symmetry of the shape must be relevant to the length and width of the one who’s going to wear it.

Here are some ideals to help you out in choosing the right gem for your partner.


• Are the colors equal on all sides? Sometimes poor cut will affect the color of the shape.

• The shadow that refers to the bow tie reflection must show.

• Look at the lobes if it’s balanced to avoid distorting that is caused by an unbalanced cut. Also check out for an aligned point that is proportional with the lobes for even though the lobes look perfect, it will still result to a distorted feature due a misaligned point.

• See to it that the point must be sharp and not rounded because if the tip is well rounded, it only shows a poor cut.


Art Deco – utilizes an unusual feature and bold style

Solitaires – Here, prongs are emphasized. A solitaire must require at least 5 prongs; 4 of which is used to protect the stone and the other to safeguard the sharp tip of the stone.

Accented – Rings can be paired with many different stones. Some of these are the emerald or accent stones in oval shape. The more preferred is the channel settings that are subtle and enables the heart to be left undisputedly focal.

Claddagh – in this design, designers prefer to use ruby, diamond, or emerald as the heart.

Three Stone – A perfect symbol for the three-letter-word. It can also represent a match made to last after the past, during the present, and through the future. You could also choose a three stone design that has different gemstones and colors.

Inset – Using clusters and settings that become rather usual but adds vibrant effects encircling accents all over the gem.

Alternative Heart Designs

Because heart shaped gems are hard to find due to the fact that it is also hard to cut and polish without imperfections, couples can settle for something different yet, still, acceptable.

• Cluster small gems around a heart shaped pattern to create the desired shape without requiring a center piece.

• Engrave the shape on the item itself or the metal where the gem is attached. You could opt to put it along the band or underneath the setting.