Important Sweet Angel Calendar Safe Handling Tips

Do you believe in angels?

You know, the first time anyone ever sees a sweet angel calendar they are very often truly humbled and emit rather delightful little words like ‚lovable‘ and ‚cute.‘

Of course, one can’t help to be impressed. Angels really touch something deep inside us. After all, they are the carriers of life’s beautiful promise. But, before you go rushing off to get yours, there’s some essential things you need to understand.

You see, not only is a sweet angel calendar remarkably unlike anything else you have ever seen, but how you handle ‚her‘ is of crucial importance. In fact, this is precisely why I wrote this guide… so that you would know the best way to carefully manage any angels that you meet.

A great idea, wouldn’t you agree?

So, let’s talk about the steps you should take after you have first laid eyes on an angel calendar. Why is this important? Well, it’s sort of like this. She, (the angel), needs to be protected and nourished. Many people actually recommend that you give angels lots of ‚friendly space.‘

And seeing as you are the ‚caretaker‘ for this angel, means that you are responsible for her wellbeing. (How you treat her will have an effect on your own life too). So, I urge you to take good note of the following 7 points with your new sweet angel calendar…

1. It is not recommended to put her down and forget about her. She should be placed upon the wall in an appropriate spot as quick, and as gently as you can. Never shake her vigorously.

2. Before you put her on the wall, speak soft soothing words to her, let her know you are there, and that you really do understand. (If people around you start looking at you in a funny way, do it in a way where other people won’t notice).

3. If your home has extreme of temperature, make sure she is comfortable, warm if needed, and importantly, doesn’t get cold. All in all, most angels are accepting, but I’ve heard they don’t particularly like the cold that much.

4. Whatever you do, don’t leave your sweet angel calendar baking under the hot sun. She won’t like that one little bit. Use common sense about such situations.

5. Make sure your angel doesn’t get to view low quality TV programs. Sometimes you can get away with day time TV, but do be careful of the news reports. Recently there was an angel who made a big stir about all the negative vibes from TV news reports. Go carefully with this one.

6. Keep relaxed around her. She won’t ask for much, but she’ll appreciate it if you can show some love, kindness and respect around her. Just keep this in mind when the relatives visit.

7. Please, don’t just paste your cute little angel calendar on the wall in a faceless room in your home and forget about her. She needs people to pass her by and make a little eye contact sometimes. She’ll be thankful of this. Really.

There you have it. Those 7 tips should be a good start for anyone who needs sweet angel calendar advice. Oh and by the way… you’ll absolutely love it.