Killer Ways To Multiply Your Sales Overnight

Today we’re going to cover 7 ways you can do to maximize various aspects of your sales process, it’ll need just 15 minutes to do, but the results will pay off many times over on ongoing basis.

1. Promote Other People’s Product

After your customer buy your product, you can put that customer on different lists and follow up them with auto responder. You could follow up right away with thank you message for purchasing your product and put recommended note promoting affiliate program you would like to in the end of your message. Since they’re still in buying mood, there’ll be a good chance to at least check out your recommendation.

2. Upsell Your First-Time Customer

When they’re at your order page you could offer another extra product for a few extra bucks with their original order. Stated that it’s cheaper rather than if they buy one by one.

3. Invite Them to Join Your Affiliate Program

In follow up message after they buy your product you can state your affiliate program. Tell them the opportunity to make extra income joining your affiliate program. Using this technique you can gather your sales army without spending one cent on advertising.

4.Sell Reprint Rights of Your Product

You can add more money with selling reprint rights to your product. Reprint rights is the rights to sell your product and keep 100% of the profits. Now while it could frightening you at first but the truly it has potential to bring you money more than if you sell the actual product. Let’s take a look at this scenario…

Customer arrived at your site and bought your $29 ebook, inside your ebook you mention something about the reprint rights of your product for $200 (that’s the beauty thing no 1 : you can charge more for reprint rights of the product rather than the actual product)

Your customer bought the product and selling it to another people. They keep 100% of the profits. But…

They mentioned something similar inside the ebook the chance to have the reprint rights of the ebook. In the end of the day you’ve got $400 from just 2 customers. (that’s the beauty thing no 2 : the product promote itself without you need to do anything)

5. Make 3 Sales From 1 People

Tell your customer that they will receive the product for free if they refer 3 customers to you, in case if the 3 customers all buy your product.

6. Give Discount For Your Special Event

Let say you’re an expert on hypnotist, you can give special discount to your previous customers to attend your $997 seminar. Do this technique work? You’ll be surprised to know how people will hand you $997 for something they have interest for.

7. Create Huge Package and Charge More

You can buy reprint rights of other people’s product and put that with your original product. For instance, you could sell your ebook along with 2 or 3 reports in one deal. The results people will see more value from your product, thus, you can charge more.

8. Conclusion

Remember to apply one by one of this techniques and test the result. Don’t assume, test it. You’ll never know until you try.

Find your winning formula, and use it many times over on your another project.