Running Regulations To Learn By Heart

Everything in life involves dealing with so many regulations, even when running. Despite runners strictly adhering to the rules and regulations that come with this strenuous, yet enjoyable and fulfilling activity, everything will still zero in on doing your own thing.

1. Do What Suits You

Running is supposed to be a sport or activity characterized by freedom. You see, there are no hard-knock rules in running. You may simply stride off when you run, overrunning all your co-runners; or simply take things slow setting your own space and pace; or better yet a combination of both by doing stops at certain point of the road. Bottom line is, a runner can do his own thing when running.

2. Focus On Targeting A Place

Running can be so exhausting, yes. But if there is one thing to keep you running despite the exhaustion and thirst; or the muscle cramps and leg pains, it is the achievements that you might reap in running. Almost all fun runs or marathon races have crowded starting lines so you can just imagine the competition and that gives you an idea of how you will more or less fare in the event. The important thing is to aim for a place. That way, you will not only excel in this sport you chose, but you will develop a sense of being goal-driven as well.

3. Distractions While Running

Sometimes, what runners do is chat to push them into finishing the run. Getting a good exercise is already enough for them, so they just chat their last few laps back into the finish line with their time ran extremely far from the ideal. This can sometimes be distracting to other runners.

Among other things that could distract a runner are somebody else’s dangling keys, very loud music from their I-pods and the beeps of a heart monitor device. If you do not want any of these noise, then just simply overrun them and lead the run.

4. No Pets While Running

Pets are meant to be walked, they are not meant to be running companions especially when it is a race or a fun run event. It is in fact discouraged by event organizers to bring along your dogs to races, because chances are if they are not leashed properly, they would block the way of the other runners and might even give them a trip or two.

5. Take Extra Cautions

Yes, there are several aid stations located on both sides of the road; however, it would be best to have an extra ounce of prevention to avoid possible accidents and injuries while running. It does not help that just because there are aid stations around, you are free to inflict injury on yourself as you run. Be careful at all times.

6. No Room For Whining

Sometimes there are runners who, in extreme exhaustion, will whine while running towards the finish line. Isn’t it just irritating to hear them? They whine about how this running is tearing his knees; or how after the event, he will shift to biking instead, and several other whines. Please, be a runner not a whiner.

7. Just Run All The Way To The Finish Line

While to many, headphones and loud chatting are truly annoying, to others they are nothing. There are some people who do not even care if someone talks so loudly and then overruns her. Competition is not just their cup of tea. For them, running is about finishing off with what you began, and not necessarily the first one to finish. Whatever holds true to you, just slip away to the finish line as fast as you can!