Terrible Effect of Acne

Teens are getting more conscious about the changes that they undergo. This is just normal for a person who enters the adolescence stage. The changes may include several factors such as the physical and emotional aspects of their transition.

The transformation that they go through is considered as the normal physical change any person goes through. It comprises the growth of hair in various parts of their body, the change in their voice, the menstrual period and a lot more. Instead of being hysterical and confused, they should always take them as natural occurrences as a part of their growth and development.

Skin disorders like Acne is also present in this transformation because of the increasing production of glands in the system. This is a chronic disorder characterized by excess production of oil from sebaceous glands that causes the hair follicles to become plugged.

Most of the lesions that must be treated in acne are the common disorders that come out the skin. Some of these are the pimples, papules, pustules and the black and white heads.

Acne may appear on any part of the body in pimple form, but most particularly on the face, neck and upper arm.

Acne causing diseases are not only present to the young individuals but also to some adults. This is commonly caused by over sensitivity to the normal level of hormone that is found inside the body.

It causes terrible effect on the person’s confidence. Teenager usually feels a different reaction which results to shyness when mingling with other people because they get more conscious about their appearance.

However, people with acne should not be much bothered because this is simply a skin problem that can easily be treated and it does not bring any terrible effect on the general health condition of your body.