The Positives Of Sunning

Lets Talk About The Sunny Side

With all of the talk about the dangers of spending too much time out in the sun I though it might be about time for someone to talk about the positives of sunning for a change.

The entire world is always talking and dwelling in the negative side of things, why do we do that all of the time? Just trying to be careful I guess.

The first and most obvious of the positives of sunning is only cosmetic in nature, in other words, how good you look. Getting a suntan helps people with lighter skin look healthier. (I am not talking about that woman who took a good thing to the extreme and who made the news in the past month or so, she doesn’t look healthy at all.)

There is a substance in the skin, called melanin, that gets activated any time we go out in the sun. The melanin is what makes your skin darker. It is your body’s own, natural protection against the sun’s rays.

The only problem with that is that people tend to not let the melanin do it’s job in the time frame it needs to do it. They want their sun tan all at once. If they would gradually let it build up over time then the dangers of the sun would not be a problem.

Of course, letting the skin do it’s job to protect each of us up here in the northern climates is a problem. The summers just are not long enough to allow this to happen.

You know what happens, right? You work all summer on your tan and in the fall when the sun is not as strong your tan begins to fade. It continues to fade to the point that you have to start all over again in the late spring, early summer when the temperatures allow us to be outside for extended periods of time.

Of course you can elect to go to a tanning salon to maintain your tan year round if you have the budget for it.

The next positive is that the sun helps the body make Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the health of your skin and bones. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium to keep bones and teeth, heart and other muscles strong and working properly.

The last of the positives of sunning I would like to discuss is the one that can help your newborn baby. Some doctors and nurses will tell you to let your newborn get some sunlight, indirectly of course, so they do not get jaundiced after they are born.

Jaundice occurs in the newborn because the new little body has to rid itself of an overabundance of bilirubin. Bilirubin is the byproduct of red blood cell breakdown. Babies have an overabundance of red blood cells in their bodies after the umbilical cord gets cut and their livers have to take over cleaning their blood.

The new little liver may take ten days to two weeks to become proficient at doing this itself so a little sunlight is needed to help breakdown the bilirubin.