Website Promotion Tips You Can Customize To Your Market

You’re always looking for website promotion tips to help you increase interest in – and visitors to – your website.

Here are 4 great website promotion tips you may not yet have tried…

1. Create your own calendar of significant days coming up in your niche – and be sure to include offline events, as well as trade shows, marketing conferences and anniversaries. Add these events to your sales funnel, and think up promotions, posts or social media campaigns you can initiate, at the perfect point in advance.

For example, if everyone is going to Florida for the Big Bust-Out Bonanza conference, with 52 mega-stars from your industry scheduled to attend and present, set up interviews with as many of the mega-stars as you can. (Even if only one or two say “yes”, you can play it up to your list, social networks and forum buddies, telling them to spread the word.

2. Add that calendar in plain sight on your actual main blog or website – and people will get in the habit of visiting to cross-check dates and information, too.

3. Add mini-press releases – ones about twice the size of a Twitter Post – in a Text Widget in your Sidebar… and keep them coming back for juicy news titbits too. (You can be your own personal Reuters service, on steroids!)

4. Give your updates and calendar watch a catchy, punchy title. Tweet about it and talk it up in casual Facebook conversations. Remember to create a buzz… so they’ll create buzz for you.
Follow it up, when the next Big Event Calendar day approaches, by announcing a related Product Launch – or give a Special Discount off products you’ve already created.

The truth is, you can not only increase site traffic with visitors who develop the habit of regularly dropping at your website – even if it’s only for your handy “market pulse” calendar – you can increase your sales, and web credibility too.

It will get you in the habit of constantly thinking about promotion opportunities you can create. And doing that is the best website promotion tip I could give you!