Wooden Toy Trains by Community Playthings

There’s just something special about little wooden toy trains. They’ve long been a favorite among children and have become an icon for the Christmas season in many countries. They are still a popular gift choice for children and often a collectible among adults. It’s nearly impossible to own just one wooden toy train; many people choose to build upon their cherished toy to create their own toy train system. While the wooden toy train is a popular display at Christmas, some people have whole rooms or sections of their house dedicated to displaying their wooden toy trains.

Often, it can be tricky to find wooden toy trains in today’s society. Most toy trains of today are constructed out of metal and plastic, with decals displayed in order to make the toy look as realistic as possible. Some people turn to the internet to find wooden toy trains, while others scout out live auctions and antique stores in hopes of finding the wooden locomotive they knew and loved as a child. However, it is possible to find new wooden toy trains thanks to a company called Community Playthings.

Community Playthings began as a small organization of young fathers in rural Georgia. These men had one thing in mind – to create safe, durable toys for their children out of wood. The concept soon spread to local schools and teachers began requesting the wooden toys for their classrooms. When childcare became a popular idea among working parents, daycares ordered wooden furniture from Community Playthings. It wasn’t long before the company expanded into a well-known name in the toy industry, and thus the creation of wooden toy cars, trucks, and trains.

The toy trains you’ll find made by Community Playthings are simple and certainly nothing fancy. You won’t find exclusive hand-painted detail, battery-operated engines, lights, sounds, or any other bells and whistles. Those are best left for companies who focus on creating state-of-the-art, realistic replicas. The toy trains from Community Playthings are designed for the inquiring child, plain and simple. Without all of the added extras, children are able to use their own imagine and develop motor skills as they push along and play with their wooden toy trains.

Along with toy trains, Community Playthings also makes wooden furniture, children’s lockers and cubby holes, art and sand tables, classic wooden blocks, and a wide variety of furniture for babies and toddlers. It is very easy to purchase anything wooden from Community Playthings. Their website provides a complete listing of all of their available products, prices, and pictures of every item. Several children’s marketing websites also carry items from Community Playthings for reasonable prices.

For a trip down memory lane back to your childhood, or to purchase wooden toy trains for your little one, consider getting your next toy train from Community Playthings. In a society where everything has gotten so modern, it’s nice to know there’s one company out there who can take you back to the „good old days“.